Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Color Club Blue Heaven

Happy Wednesday polished pretties!! Hope everyone is having a good week so far, and Friday can't come soon enough it seems!

Today I'm showing you a polish from my favorite collection that came out last year. The polish I have today is Blue Heaven from the Color Club Holo Hues collection that came out in the fall of 2012. It seems like this collection didn't get any coverage in the nail blogs that I saw this past fall, which confuses me to no end. The best part about the collection is that Color Club is coming out with a second set of Holos. I don't know of an official release date, but they have sent out polish to various distributors. I've seen the swatches of the new collection and they look crazy amazing!! I hope polish companies keep it coming with the holos. Anyway, the coverage on this polish is amazing and it's HOLO. Like super crazy amazing gorgeous insane holo.

I applied two coats of this polish since I always wear two coats on my manicures, but this could definitely be a one coater. (Yes, you read that right. A one coater!!) I also have one coat of CND Speedey as a top coat. All photos were taken in artificial light.

Blue Heaven in regular indoor light
Blue Heaven with a spotlight on
Blue Heaven is a light blue holo that is just absolutely amazing. I can't stop staring at my nails and angling them to the light to get that gorgeous holo effect! And while I have a top coat on, there was no change in the holo effect with or without top coat. 

I highly recommend this polish to add to your collection or any of the other ones from this collection. They are all beautiful and just as holo. I know that you can still get select colors in stores and of course on eBay. Did you pick up this color? Or any of the other colors from this collection? 

XOXO Jessica


  1. Woah, the holo effect is amazing!! So gorgeous! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. It is!! And the entire collection is like that!