Wednesday, January 23, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey The Impossible

Happy hump day!! Halfway to the weekend, unless you work on Saturday (like me). Plus I start my new semester of college today, so overall, not a good Wednesday for me. Anyway, I'll be doing some swatching later on today, so I'll have some more colors to show you all.
Today I have the final Liquid Sand color from the Mariah Carey collection. This polish is a super bright red with scattered hex and star glitter. I love shade of red that they picked for this color. Plus, the fact that they added some star glitter, which I've never seen in a polish before, just adds to the awesomeness of this polish. I did notice that the red coloring they used for the stars was coming off! I'm not quite sure if it was the polish that did that, or it was the glitter itself. My own complaint with this polish is that it didn't dry to the awesome matte-ness of Got Your Number, but it wasn't nearly as shiny as Stay the Night. Still a beautiful polish nonetheless.

I applied two coats of this polish, which it was opaque. The first coat was slightly thin, but the second coat covered everything. (All photos were taken in natural light.)

The Impossible with no top coat

The Impossible with two coats of top coat
I used two coats of CNS Super Shiney as a top coat. This polish didn't darken a considerable amount when I applied top coat, but I like this polish both with and without the top coat. The Impossible also dried to a bit of a textured finish with the top coat, but I think that was more of the top coat than anything else.

The Impossible is another good Liquid Sand from OPI, but it's not my favorite. If it had tried to a truly matte and gritty finish, I would have loved this one a lot more. I'm hoping that as OPI release more of these Liquid Sand polishes that they tweak the formulas so they can get to that sand-like finish.

Are you going to purchase this polish or any of the other Liquid Sands from OPI? Or are you going to pass entirely on the whole textured finish trend that's starting?

XOXO Jessica

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