Friday, January 25, 2013

Quick Update!

Happy end of the week!! It doesn't feel like a real Friday for me since I have to work tomorrow, but I have off on Wednesday, so I say that evens it out, no? Anyway, today I have a very quick and not to polish related post for you.

I have a reoccurring problem once my nails get to a certain length: they split and break. I let them grow out to this length because I like how they look (I'd actually like for them to get longer, but I'll take what I can get.) Two of my nails split, so I had to file everything back down to nub status. I won't be swatching until midweek next week when they're a bit less nubby.

My shorties! (And a chipped polish job *drama*)
I also thought I would show how I store my swatches. (My Melmer where I store my polish is a mess right now, otherwise I would show that as well.) I almost always take my swatches with me when I go polish shopping since I don't want to wind up with dupes if I can avoid it. I'm sure I get some strange looks when I whip out 7 swatches of very similar colors in the store when I buy polish, but I'm in too much of a polish haze to notice. 

As you can see, I sort them by color (pinks,  blues, purples, etc) and I actually have them on loose binder rings. I did this because when I would pick out my swatches to go shopping with, it would be a pain to unscrew the nut and slide all the swatches off the bar to get to the one I need. I would sometimes misplace the nut and spend twenty minutes looking for it. With this way, I can just unhook it where I need to and get the swatches much faster. 

I also have each individual color labeled on the swatch. I originally had written it in Sharpie marker, but I noticed that after a while, the marker would rub off. Now I print labels for each one and then just trim a little excess off the top of the label so it doesn't hang over. 

I hope everyone has a good weekend!! Hopefully it's warmer than where I am in freezing NJ! 

XOXO Jessica


  1. Your nubbins are cute! I don't think they are too short at all. :-)
    And that's a really clever way to keep track of your stash. Hehe it's useful that you take them polish shopping with you.

    ~ Yun

    1. Aw thanks! LOL This was after a couple of days of growing out, but they're still on the slight shortish side for me.

      I think that's just the OCD side of myself coming out with having my stash organized like that. And I don't want to buy dupes of colors, especially because I buy nearly all my polishes myself. XOXO Jessica

    2. I totally understand. My current stash is small enough that I'm not in danger of buying dupes, but if my stash continues to grow, at some point I'll have to come up with a method for organizing too. :-)

    3. How many polishes do you have? I have around 210-ish (and growing!) and I feel like it's insane. Some of the bloggers have over 1,000 and I'm like 'What do you do with all that?!' LOL

  2. Wow look at your swatches!!!!!! Wow. I still wanna see your collection once its organized

    1. Thanks! I'm planning on organizing the Melmer this weekend so I'll take pictures and have a post up soon! XOXO Jessica