Tuesday, January 8, 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Can't Let Go

Happy Tuesday my polished pretties!! So sorry for not posting yesterday, but time just got away from me. What's that saying...a day late and a dollar short?

The polish I have for you today is one of the new liquid sand polishes from the Mariah Carey OPI collection. I've had a long standing love for Mariah Carey. One of my all time favorite songs is "Fantasy"! That was my jam back in '95 when I was all of 5 years old. Anyway, the name of the polish is called Can't Let Go and is a purple matte with some glitter that shines through. They definitely got it right when calling it liquid sand because that's exactly what I think of when I see the finish on this polish!

Enough chatter, on to what you came for: the swatches!!

For some reason, no matter how many pictures I took, the type of light I took them in, even using a blue background, the polish always photographed blue! In real life, the polish is much more of a grape purple. The second picture is definitely the closest to what it looks like when you're wearing it.

Can't Let Go with no top coat
I was definitely hesitant of the whole liquid sand and having texture on my nails. I didn't know if I was going to hate it or I would have the urge to pick it off my nails. As soon as I put it on my nails and the second coat dried, I fell in love! It feels just gritty enough, but not to the point of feeling rough. Another concern of mine was how the nail polish was going to hold up. I painted my nails on late Saturday afternoon and this picture was taken on Sunday afternoon. Not really any tip wear at all.

Can't Let Go with two coats of top coat
I really love how the color deepened when I put on the top coat; it's almost like getting two polishes in one! I'm sure if someone really piled on the top coat, you could maybe make this into a jelly finish. I used two coats of CND Super Shiney since I'm out of Seche Vite. And though it's not really noticeable in the pictures, this polish eats top coat like no one's business!! But that's to be expected with glitter polishes in general. 

The formula on this polish was surprisingly easy to apply. It was a little thicker than the normal consistency, but that was to be expected with the amount of glitter in the polish. I also didn't have any problems with the application and flooding my cuticles either. Overall, another good polish by OPI. I'm definitely glad that I bought this polish and I'm anxious to try the other liquid sand polishes I have from this collection.

Are you going to pick up this polish from the collection? Or perhaps one of the other ones?

XOXO Jessica

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